Jan Chrystian Kamsetzer

born 1753, died 1795

Saxon architect, decorator, draughtsman and graphic artist. He received his education at Dresden’s Academy of Fine Arts. In 1773, he arrived in Warsaw, where he was charged with the role of construction director for the royal court, made possible because of his close ties with Marcello Bacciarello. He carried out a number of building projects under the patronage of the king, Stanisław II Augustus Poniatowski, including renovation works on the Royal Castle, the palace and grounds of the Royal Łazienki Park, the Ujazdowski Castle and the Palace of the Republic. He also made his architectural mark in the provinces, e.g., building a church in Petrykozy for Stanisław Małachowski, a palace in Sierniki for Katarzyna Radolińska and one for Antoni Krzycki in Siedlce. He also decorated many fine residential interiors, such as the Palace in Rogalin for K. Raczyński and the palace in Pawłowice for M. Mielżyński. He embarked on two voyages in pursuit of artistic inspiration, financed by the king. The first was between 1776-1777, as a draughtsman and member of the Polish diplomatic mission to Constantinople, while the second, between 1780-1783, took him westwards, towards the rest of Europe. His artistic style was clearly influenced by the antiquity, which he joined together with the latest trends coming over from France and England. His reputation as a skilled draughtsman was unmatched.

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