Józef Wall

born 1754, died 1798

Painter and draughtsman from Warsaw who served the court of King Stanisław II Augustus Poniatowski. From 1772, he began studying at the painting studio led by Marcel Bacciarelli at the Royal Castle. He also collaborated with Jean-Pierre Norblin. As a royal stipendist, he departed for Dresden, where he worked in the studio of painter-portraitist Anton Graff. Between 1783-1792 he made a numer of trips to Italy, visiting Venice (1783), Rome (1784-1791), Tivoli (1788), Naples (1789, 1790), Bologna (1791) and Padua (1792). In 1792, he returned to Poland, working on commission for the king and Primate Michał Poniatowski. He made drawings, paintings and lithographs. He’s most recognized by his genre scenes. At the behest of the king, he also made a number of copies of old masters. He also painted portraits, as well as scenes on themes of mythology, religion and history, and decorations for theatrical sets.

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