Jakub Kubicki

born 1758, died 1833

Architect, student of Szymon Bogumił Zuga and Domenico Merlini. From 1781 he worked on commission for the court of King Stanisław II Augustus Poniatowski. Between 1785-86, he travelled across Italy. He was raised to the rank of nobility in 1790 and from 1806 onwards, he managed construction projects for the government. He proposed several designs for the church in Ujazdów, various projects for ceremonial architecture and pavilions within the royal Łazienki Park. He was the winner of Poland’s first architectural competition for his design of the Church of Divine Providence. He was behind the design of the Belweder Palace and the Holy Trinity Eastern Orthodox church in Podwale, as well as the city’s tollhouse pavilions. He worked on designs for the renovation project for the Royal Castle, and urban planning for the Castle Square grounds and the Praga district. He built a number of churches (e.g. Nadarzyn, Radziejowice, Mokobody, Borowica i in.) and succeeded in popularizing the rural palace style, with its portico colonnade in front and an avant-corps garden, in Poland (e.g. Białaczów, Bejsce, Sterdyń, Młochów). He was known to be fond of the Palladian architectural style and his designs are attributed to the style of late classicism.

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